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TAG @ The Library with OLEG KAGAN, Community Library Manager
Special Guest Host JOE GUTESHA
Wed., Feb. 1, 7pm - 9pm

A revolutionary force in science fiction and beyond, Philip K. Dick wrote 44 published novels and over 100 short stories. He used techniques like manipulation of time and invocation of alternate realities to disorient and enchant readers. Kagan deconstructs the methods that Dick used in three works: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the novel that the screenplay for the film Bladerunner is adapted from; Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said, a novel made into a play of the same title, and "The Hanging Stranger," a short story. Writers will leave with new tools for their own work. General readers and science fiction enthusiasts have the chance to share Kagan's fascination that began many years ago.

"I had a vague notion of Philip K. Dick in my teenage years due to the numerous adaptions of his stories into popular films like Total Recall and Blade Runner," Kagan said, "but I didn't actually read him until sometime after Minority Report came out in 2002. Three things stood out to me: First, I immediately recognized that PKD's protagonists resembled neither Tom Cruise (Minority Report) nor Arnold Schwarzenegger (Total Recall from the short story "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale"). Second, I was surprised at how quickly his stories plugged me into questioning our basic sense of reality. Third, jogging became bearably boring with PKD piped into my ears." 

Writers and readers of all genres will find this presentation entertaining and enlightening.  All welcome! 

Free and open to the public. Free parking. Complementary snacks and beverages provided by Friends of the Topanga Library.