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Improv For Writers Workshop

Way down below clever and funny is a place of instinct and impulse, where we feel most alive. As Walt Whitman wrote, ‘we contain multitudes.’ Yet we have so little time to pull back the masks and see all of who we are. Improvisation allows us to meet those multitudes, shake hands, have a conversation. This isn’t about revealing all of your demons and peccadilloes or trying to be funny. It is about becoming vulnerable, peeling back the layers, and writing freely in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

In this workshop you’ll learn to:

• Trust your instincts instead of judge them

•  Let ideas flow by staying present in the moment

•  Write while your inner critic takes a nap

You’ll come away having discovered a more open, creative path to your imagination.

Sound like a great way to spend a springtime afternoon? Sign up on the Workshop page, by clicking here.