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TAG Presentation: True Stories Well Told

True Stories Well Told with Celeste Fremon and Ken Miller

If you've ever read a magazine article, website, or newspaper story that was so good you couldn't stop reading it, one that drew you in until you knew how every conflict resolved (or not), one that read like fiction, but was fact checked, with eyewitness accounts corroborated, and quotes recorded accurately, then you've read narrative journalism.

Narrative journalists use the elements of fiction and drama –character, scene, dialogue, setting, metaphor, symbolism – to go far beyond the traditional, inverted pyramid structure of who, what, why, where, when, and how. By immersing themselves, and the reader, in the details without straying into the realm of make believe, they tell entertaining stories that can also have real impact on significant issues.

We are fortunate to have CELESTE FREMON and KEN MILLER joining us at Topanga Library to talk about their work as narrative journalists who have been around the world reporting, investigating, and then writing stories. They’ve asked questions that no one else was asking and had the courage to follow their subjects into the darkest recesses of human behavior. They’ll share how they report on complex, challenging subject matter, transforming raw information—interviews, observations, documentary material—into compelling, nuanced narrative, and what has taken to adapt to the changes in journalism and communications over the past 30 years. 

All writers will benefit from this free 'mini-course' in masterful storytelling! 


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