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TAG Spontaneous Saturday Writing Workshop

Improvisation For Writers Workshop with Ian Flanders and Kim Zanti

     Do you have stories to tell, but stop before you start?

     Do you critique your words so much that an hour later the page is still blank?

     How can you give yourself permission to stop judging and start writing?

In this workshop you’ll learn to:

     Trust your instincts instead of judge them 

     Let ideas flow by staying present in the moment

     Turn ideas into characters, scenes, and stories

We'll play games, quick write, use prompts to write more, and then share work. You’ll learn games that you can play anywhere and unlock new pathways to your imagination. 
Ian Flanders is a repertory company member and director of the acclaimed Off Grid Improv Troupe at Theatricum Botanicum. For many years, he has guided people of all ages, including actors, musicians, and writers, to tap into and liberate their most creative instincts.    
Taking an improv workshop with Ian Flanders is like walking onto the playground and realizing your friends saved a spot for you in the sandbox. Ian gives his students instruction and constructive feedback in a safe and supportive environment. His classroom (or playground!) is always a place where play, growth, and trying new things exist together.  ~ Carolyn Wright, Off the Grid Improvisation Troupe and Geffen Playhouse Manager of Education & Community Engagement
Kim Zanti produces Topanga Authors’ Group events and is a published poet, essayist, and contributing writer for the Topanga Messenger. She supports her writing habit through her work as Assistant Director at the Centers for Research on Creativity. 
Kim’s focus, sense of harmony, awareness, and calm, intuitive nature centers those around her and encourages risk taking within a safe context. This is key to self-expression and creativity.  ~ Sherry J. Kerr, Ed.D., Senior Research Associate, Centers for Research on Creativity

Workshop is limited to 12 participants. Sign up using the online form on the Workshops page of this website.